Quantum Mechanics Inc. is a custom machining and fabricating shop capable of manufacturing precision, small to medium components and assemblies and dedicated to providing value to our customers by supplying the highest quality machined parts, customer service and on-time delivery, at a reasonable cost. Our expertise, a strong commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction is the foundation when undertaking prototyping as well as production runs.

With more than 35 years of machining and fabricating experience in industries varying from mining and agriculture to electronics and aerospace, Quantum has gained an insight into customer requirements and how to cater to the individual requirements in accuracy, finish, deliveries, etc. We can design, develop and fabricate new parts and assemblies or complete machines including control systems with short lead times. See our image gallery for some of the projects we have delivered to satisfied customers.

In addition to building new assembly and food service equipment we also do maintenance and retrofitting on automated equipment from food service to assembly.

Our motto "Quality, delivery and price" is something we believe in and strive to maintain and have worked to establish a reputation for delivering projects that meet quality requirements, on time and on budget. Quantum has become a key supplier to a number of companies and is dedicated to continuous process improvement.

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Quantum Mechanics Inc.